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introduction to Karate. Do you want to be a referee in the Karate World Championships? Beginners and advanced readers will find it equally useful Each exercise can be modified for increased intensity to fit your goals Are you seeking to learn karate? Do you want to be the next karate kid? This training program will provide you with the foundations of karate techniques, and build you up to more advanced moves and tricks. Learn to fight like tiger and special training for street combat. Make your home your own dojo and karate school and this application your personal sensei. Faitures -Sparring -Basics kids -Black belt course -How to do karate -What is karate -Back kick -Side kicks -Elbow strikes -Knowledge of the Discipline of KARATE-DO -Fundamental Principles of Basics (KIHON) -How to Use the Hands And hundred mores Get this android application and start the warrior fight



Versi: 1.0

Butuh: Android2.3.3 or later


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